Live A Slice of Dexter’s Life on Facebook

Dexter Slice of Life on FacebookDexter fans just got another reason to look forward to the show’s season 6 premier on Showtime on October 2. Timed to coincide with the premier, a new game called Dexter Slice of Life will launch on Facebook giving Dexter fans the opportunity to unleash their inner demons as they virtually stalk Dexter’s victims through Miami’s lush environs. Developed by Ecko Code and named after the main character’s boat, the game will link closely to the storyline unfolding on the show with updates on the game rolling out after each episode. In an innovative move to grow ratings and a twist on gaming, players will need to watch each episode in order to play the game successfully.

At a time when Facebook has seen a slowdown in monthly active users in the U.S. market, one wonders to what extent the the game will boost the frequency with which users visit their Facebook profiles, and how Google+ will respond to Facebook’s gaming challenge later in the year. While you ponder this, enjoy this Dexter Season 6 teaser released by Showtime at the Comic Con convention in San Diego recently.