Prometheus: Anatomy of a Good Marketing Campaign

There are other worlds than this one, and if there is no air to breathe, we will simply have to make it.

So says Sir Peter Weyland, CEO of Weyland Corporation, a worldwide leader in emerging technologies that launches the first privatized industrial mission to leave the planet Earth…sometime in the future. Weyland is a fictional character in Ridley Scott‘s much anticipated sci-fi thriller, Prometheus. The movie is seemingly the perfect confluence of two passions that loom large for me – sci fi and marketing eurekas. Coincidentally, I’m in the process of reading the prequel to Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, also featuring humaniform robots (spoiler alert!). The icing on the cake is the perfectly choreographed marketing campaign that the makers of the movie have pulled off.

It started with a spellbinding TED Talk by the actor Guy Pearce in character as Peter Weyland. This was followed by another well planned reveal at WonderCon, a smaller sibling of ComicCon. Both formats hit the target demo of nerdy sci-fi enthusiasts squarely. And then there’s the countdown to the movie’s premier in June 2012 on the official website. The entire campaign is a breath of fresh air as it doesn’t rely overly on social media gimmickry to get word out. Now I could talk about Top 5 Marketing Lessons From Prometheus with business homilies like timing, timing, timing or don’t be afraid to do something new but the truth is that Alien prequel + flawlessly executed campaign = pure awesomeness in my book.

Just watch this latest trailer and tell me you don’t agree.


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