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Website Design & Development

While a brand can use multiple digital channels to interact with consumers effectively, the website remains the most fundamental. It is the hub that connects the various digital channels and networks together and the bread and butter of e-commerce companies. If your company already has a website, ask yourself these questions to determine whether or not to invest in a new design:

  • Does the current website look outdated or unprofessional?
  • Is it hard to navigate and find information?
  • Is it search engine friendly?
  • Is it a good representation of the brand/company?
  • Can it be easily updated?
  • Does it convert visitors into calls and sales?

Choosing a company to redesign your website is an important decision. Here’s how we’re different from other designers:

  • We discuss improving your website’s content and SEO as well as design
  • The redesign process includes setting you up with a CMS so you can easily manage your own site in the future
  • We communicate well, and work to understand your company’s needs, goals and personality
  • Our designers have years of experience redesigning websites
  • Our designers have fantastic testimonials from past clients